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Sunday, Dec 17, 2017
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About PCA

Making informed decisions is imperative in every business, healthcare is no exception. Patient Care Analyst combines flexible reporting software with statewide, all payer hospital discharge data to deliver the information you need to make the best business decisions possible. Patient Care Analyst is an Internet-based reporting system for the analysis of hospital discharge developed and owned by SMA Informatics.

Patient Care Analyst allows you to track the migration of patients in service areas, compare market share among competitors and perform DRG, ICD and CPT™ code analysis by payer, facility, physician, patient age group and ZIP code of origin. The system can also be used to:

  • Analyze patient discharges and length of stay(LOS) by payer, CMI, charges, facility, DRG, physician, admission source, and more
  • Create physician report cards and compare physician performance
  • Complete quality studies by LOS, average charge, and admission source
  • Analyze payers and evaluate access and utilization patterns across payer categories
  • Benchmark and compare your facility's performance against competitors and peers
  • Analyze market share by comparing discharges for your facility and your competitors
  • Analyze your internal patient data by service line, cases and procedures, payer mix, physician and more

By posting secured data and reports on a user access web page, Patient Care Analyst users can easily retrieve information, print reports and export data elements from any location using Microsoft Internet Explorer© and Firefox© browsers.
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